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RLH Equity Partners is a leading private equity firm in Southern California
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About Riordan, Lewis & Haden
Builders of Successful Business Services, Healthcare and Government Services


Riordan, Lewis & Haden is a leading private equity firm based in
Southern California.
Builders of great middle market businesses.
A rich, 25+ year history of partnering with CEO’s and
leadership teams.
More than $700 million in committed capital under management.
Longevity, The True Measure of Success
Would you hire a senior executive for your business with limited
experience? Probably not. Past success tends to indicate future
performance. In the private equity world, success is measured by
delivering outstanding results of our portfolio companies, their
management teams and their shareholders. We’ve been doing just
that since the inception of the firm. We are successful because of
our vision, our core values, our experience, a little luck and very
long hours of hard work. This is the same way our portfolio companies
achieve success.
Senior Decision Makers at Your Service
Choosing a private equity partner is a critical decision for a company,
its management team and its shareholders. When you partner with
RLH, you work with senior, focused and motivated professionals who
understand the trials and tribulations of building a successful
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