Build Fast, Grow Smart

Siteworx’s Theme for its Clients and its own Business.


Technical and creative acumen meets speed and agility to produce amazing results.

Siteworx helps its enterprise clients deliver leading-edge digital experiences to their customers.  In this fast changing and fast growing sector of IT solutions, you have to move quickly to stay ahead of new technologies and client expectations.   So RLH supported Siteworx while they re-invented their service offerings to maintain differentiation and competitive advantage.

When RLH invested, Siteworx already had great technical expertise in web content management and highly regarded creative chops.   With RLH’s guidance, the Company built additional capabilities in e-commerce, analytics, and managed services.  As importantly, we helped Siteworx identify and build another key differentiator – speed.  Lean, iterative, and agile development processes at Siteworx mean that clients see tangible deliverables and results in a matter of weeks to a few months from project start, rather than waiting months to years.

Put it all together – technical, creative, commerce, analytics, managed services, and speed – Siteworx calls it an integrated “Design Build Run” philosophy.  Clients call it magic.   And we call it a formula for building a highly successful and valuable business.

Truth In Numbers

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