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At RLH Equity Partners

Our purpose is to help entrepreneurs realize their professional and financial aspirations.

Strong financial outcomes are rewarding, but our motivation–our why for investing–is to organically grow a good business into a great one. For over 35 years, we’ve built market-leading companies in business services, healthcare, and government services through organic growth. Our Playbook for sustainable high growth in people-based business has helped develop enterprises that:
  • Earn top accolades from industry analysts
  • Provide compelling career development paths for their team members
  • Become the largest pure-play business in their sector
  • Deliver differentiated and valuable solutions to clients

The Best Way To Build Out A Great Company Is From Within

While many PE firms seek to build value through high levels of debt and cost cutting, we grow businesses organically by strengthening their infrastructure and investing in new initiatives. We nurture the culture and champion expansion over acquisition. We support the development of new high-value solutions and investment in talent management capabilities. We never forget that the most valuable assets are not the ones on the balance sheet, but the ones who walk in every morning.

We believe in collaboration—guiding our CEOs, not commanding them. We help our entrepreneurs to find the best ideas for business success rather than directing outcomes. The entrepreneur continues to hold the reins. And long term value creation trumps near-term cash flow.

Empowered by the flexibility of very low debt levels, we focus on enhancing the quality of revenue, developing the talent in the organization, improving go-to-market strategies, and building scalable operating systems.

On the strategic side, we helped the company evolve from staffing into providing consulting services that cemented closer relationships with clients, commanded higher bill rates, provided more value to clients, and garnered a higher exit valuation. Just one example of the RLH Playbook in action.

When You Partner with RLH You Get:

A referenceable heritage of decades of fulfilled commitments.

A cohesive team, including six partners averaging over 20 years of private equity experience.

The RLH Playbook, a proprietary system for helping our companies become more valuable.

We Partner with People and Companies that:

Seek To:

Build Market Leading Firms
Continue to Lead Their Business
Learn From Our Insights
Retain Significant Ownership
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Operate In

Government Services
Business Services
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Generate $25 to 200 mil In Annual Revenue

Generate $5 to 20 mil In Annual EBITDA


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