To Paraphrase Lao Tze, A Journey Of A Thousand Miles (Or 5+ Years) Begins With One Step (Or A Connection).

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Avella Specialty Pharmacy

For over two years we helped the founder of Avella—a specialty pharmacy business—with advice on strategy and executive hiring, so his enterprise could become much more successful.  All before we were ever a partner.

Then we invested and really went to work with the benefit of a deeper understanding of the people and mission of Avella…

  • Initiating an annual strategic planning process with the management team that yielded great ideas for new lines of service, ideas that ultimately diversified the revenue base significantly.
  • Helping with issues like disease state prioritization, leadership team development needed to support many years of rapid growth, and an acquisition that served as the foundation for Avella’s sizable oral oncolytics product line.

Truth In Numbers

More than $1.5 billion in annual revenue
10x Organic revenue growth
Over 50,000 prescriptions filled each month
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