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Whether encountering real-life elephants or proverbial 800 pound gorillas, the path of growing a business organically can’t be traversed without a deep understanding of, and investment in, people.

Take CyberCoders. When we invested in the firm, we knew its internal culture was one of its most powerful assets. Culture enabled the company to attract and retain the best recruiters in a highly competitive marketplace. So we shared the founder’s enthusiasm for memorable holiday parties, cash cubes and rowdy skits at quarterly recognition luncheons, and plenty of other perks that were uniquely CyberCoders. Even a holiday party that included an elephant rental, complete with a custom CyberCoders-branded saddle blanket.

Over 35+ years, we’ve also learned that great culture is about more than just fun. So we encouraged CyberCoders’ investment in developing a comprehensive training curriculum (“CyberUniversity”) for their recruiters that provided a clear path to higher skills, more responsibilities, and greater compensation opportunities. And a large continuing investment in software tools that automated the routine aspects of recruiting so recruiters could focus on the more interesting “matchmaking” part of their responsibilities.

With an environment that provided an ideal blend of accountability and fun, CyberCoders was able to grow dramatically and create hundreds of new jobs. It’s all about the people. And trust us, the elephant isn’t the only one who will never forget that.

Truth In Numbers

A custom blanket for the elephant
with the CyberCoders logo: $100s
An elephant rental: $1000s
Revenue 3x and Profitability 4x:
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