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Inspirage provides consulting solutions that help enterprises implement high-value supply chain management (SCM) software applications.

Inspirage’s solutions enable clients to manage an increasingly complex global supply chain, deliver mass customization of products, and achieve quicker time to market for innovative products. Inspirage serves a diverse group of blue-chip businesses in the industrial manufacturing, oil & gas, high tech, consumer products, and life sciences sectors.

When the founders of Inspirage set out to recapitalize their company, they initially settled on an acquisition by a large global IT services business as their preferred path. But, as they moved further down that path towards closing the transaction, they changed their mind.   The founders recognized the importance of preserving their culture and partnering with a firm that shared their values. They then reconnected with RLH and a great collaboration was born.


RLH helped the Inspirage team to build a scalable global platform for delivering consulting services, bringing not only our expertise but also that of two highly-experienced outside Board members with whom we have longstanding relationships. During our time together, the company expanded its offerings in product lifecycle management and logistics management, broadened its management team, and substantially grew its sales efforts. And Inspirage’s progress continues to be recognized by industry analysts such as IDC and Gartner, by membership in the Inc 500, and via partner awards from Oracle Corporation. 

RLH Exited its investment in Inspirage in December 2022 via a sale to Accenture (NYSE: ACN).