They Had A Real Driver For Success. Their Tour Bus.

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How did maxIT Healthcare become the largest pure-play healthcare IT consulting firm in the US? With a mix of help from RLH that included both strategic advice and support for culture.

On the strategic side, we helped the company evolve from staffing into providing consulting services that cemented closer relationships with clients, commanded higher bill rates, provided more value to clients, and garnered a higher exit valuation. Just one example of the RLH Playbook in action.
At the same time, we knew the importance of maintaining maxIT’s culture as the company grew its talent pool rapidly − keeping hundreds of professionals who travel weekly to client sites all around the US connected to the organization. So we strongly supported an unusual idea put forth by a senior executive: a cross-country trip. No ordinary trip though – a yearlong expedition in a rockstar-sized tour bus, christened “maxForce One.” Driven by one of maxIT’s co-founders, the bus traveled the US, meeting maxIT consultants (and their friends) at client sites with food and fun. maxForce One had its own Facebook page with lots of followers, but much more importantly, maxForce One’s journey built camaraderie among the company’s consultants and a great reputation for maxIT.

These two very different ways we supported maxIT during our 5-year partnership represent a common aspect of our approach – balancing both strategic acumen and EQ in our efforts.

Truth In Numbers

4x revenue (all organic) and 5x EBITDA in just 5 years.
1 Spontaneous Idea That Led To 48 States and 3 Canadian provinces.
30,463 miles, 716 pounds of cookies, 1 highway that was flooded out, and more goodwill than we can count..
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