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When the founders of Silverado passionately explained their goal to provide Alzheimer’s patients with a much better quality of life, we saw an opportunity to build a great enterprise while materially improving thousands of lives.

One question – “What kind of care would I want for my family?” – was the Company’s founding tenet, and has propelled Silverado to become the country’s leading provider of care for people with dementia. To reach that position of leadership, Silverado started by developing and operating exceptional residential communities dedicated to maximizing the quality of life for folks with memory impairment.

RLH encouraged management to diversify the types of services offered to the dementia population to include complementary solutions such as daytime care within the community for non-residents, at-home care, respite care to provide family members who were serving as caregivers with time to recharge, and hospice care. Throughout this diversification and the resulting rapid growth, RLH helped ensure that management maintained its focus on the Company’s core mission of providing the best care for individuals with dementia.

And after two decades of successful experience pursuing that goal, Silverado is now, with RLH’s support, developing clinical proof of its superior outcomes. The Company is collecting rigorous proprietary data that demonstrates, using a recognized objective measuring scale, the mental acuity improvements that Silverado achieves for the residents of its communities. So, with RLH’s help, the quest for ever-better care for dementia patients continues.


To learn more about how Silverado fulfills its purpose by helping folks, please enjoy this video:

Truth In Numbers

1 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the
Year award
4 RLH immediate family members
helped by Silverado
Over 35 communities created in 8
states and 10,000+ lives improved
Revenue growth at a compound
annual rate of 32% over 15 years
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