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In the evolving business of healthcare, it’s crucial to keep your finger on the pulse of change. And while hospitals must adapt their strategy, not all have the needed expertise and resources readily available.

Enter The Chartis Group. Strategy and technology consultants for hospitals and healthcare delivery systems. Their ambitious mission: “To materially improve the delivery of healthcare in the world.” Over the past decade, Chartis has helped dozens of leading healthcare organizations. But those organizations now must address even greater challenges with millions of newly insured patients through Medicaid and exchanges, continued reimbursement pressure, increased focus on the quality of care, and a shift from fee for service to fee for value.

To help their clients with these challenges and capitalize on the resulting business opportunity, Chartis turned to RLH. We’ve helped them stay true to their mission while growing. How? By encouraging substantial investment in talent management leadership and recruiting. By adding IT consulting and analytics capabilities that complement their core strategic offerings. By supporting their laser focus on attracting and retaining consultants with both great skills and a shared purpose.

For The Chartis Group, partnering with RLH was a straightforward step toward building a much larger business while enhancing its market leadership position. But more importantly, a leap forward on their journey to improve our healthcare system.

The Truth In Numbers

2x the number of consultants and
3x the revenue un under 3 years
One Mission, to improve healthcare
helping 7 of the 10 largest
healthcare systems...
4 of the 5 largest not-for-profit
health systems...
and 9 of the top 10 children's
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