RLH Equity Partners Invests in Leading Technology Consulting Firm, Keystone Strategy LLC

RLH Equity Partners (RLH) is pleased to announce its investment in Keystone Strategy LLC, an innovative consulting firm known for advising large enterprises and governmental agencies on critical strategic and regulatory challenges.  Keystone combines expertise in business strategy, economics, and technology to develop novel approaches to understanding and responding to competitive dynamics and consumer behavior in large, fast-changing technology markets.  Its specialized expertise in data architecture, platform strategy, artificial intelligence and intellectual property enables Keystone to deliver interdisciplinary capabilities from guiding commercial clients to adopt and embrace modern digital platforms to supporting large scale technology focused antitrust and competition related litigation and regulatory processes.  The Company delivers its advanced capabilities through the expertise of its more than 125 accomplished professionals, together with insights from the world’s leading industry and academic experts.  As importantly, Keystone has built a culture that has earned the Company coveted recognition on Vault’s list of the Top 50 Consulting Firms in each of the past two years. 

RLH team members Kevin Cantrell and Yumee Song commented, “The Keystone organization is an exceptionally talented group of individuals who develop insights at the leading edge of the evolution of technology in our society.  With its strong reputation, high-level relationships with blue chip clients, and distinctive expertise, Keystone is an outstanding fit with RLH’s investment strategy. We look forward to helping the Company continue to perform intellectually challenging and important work while achieving growth and maintaining a thoughtful culture.”