A friend and colleague who will be greatly missed.

Dave Connell, a revered member of the RLH family for over two decades, passed away in December 2019.  All of us at RLH and at our portfolio companies who had the privilege of working with Dave mourn his passing.  He was a business leader, father, and husband of great integrity and personal warmth.

We were fortunate to have many opportunities to work with Dave, starting with his outstanding tenure as President of Data Processing Resources Corporation (DPRC), an IT consulting firm that grew 10-fold on his watch.  He also served as a Board member of a number of very successful RLH portfolio companies, including maxIT Healthcare, Creative Circle, IntriPlex Technologies, and DPRC.  In all of his business roles, Dave displayed a genuine passion for building businesses through exceptional talent management and a rigorous focus on internal systems.

Dave was a trusted advisor to RLH and to the CEOs of our portfolio companies.  His wise counsel helped RLH evaluate prospective portfolio companies and helped portfolio company management teams develop and execute a wide range of strategic initiatives. But above all, Dave was a trustworthy friend and a wonderful person.  His memory will be an inspiration to all who knew him.