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Raising the bar for clinical trial speed & quality

Bringing speed & precision to clinical trials with a focus on rare & urgent diseases.

Biorasi is a full-service, contract research organization (CRO) that delivers fast and flexible solutions for global clinical trials to maximize speed-to-market for its sponsors. As the leader in rare disease, oncology, neurology, nephrology, and other urgent studies, Biorasi sets new standards for speed, agility, and quality in patient enrollment, decentralized trials, and data transparency.

Beginning with unconventional origins in clinical trial rescue (turning around failing trials), Biorasi sought to shake up traditional clinical research methodologies that were often inefficient and overly academic.  RLH saw the potential for innovation at Biorasi and realized that, through a focus on technology and process, Biorasi could meet its goals of delivering faster trials and better results.

RLH's investment has helped Biorasi to further realize its vision of speed, agility, and quality in clinical trials.  Together, RLH and Biorasi have revamped the Company’s go-to-market strategy and refined its commercial positioning with an emphasis on rare & urgent diseases.  Further, we’ve attracted new talent to drive global growth, enhanced project management methodologies, developed proprietary technologies, institutionalized internal training & development, and formed a superlative scientific advisory board.


year legacy in clinical trial rescue


percent less patient dropout during clinical studies

Up to 8x

faster clinical trial enrollment than the competition