We invest in game-changing, competitive entrepreneurs leading tech-enabled service firms.

Working shoulder-to-shoulder, as a battle-tested confidante, leveraging curiosity, experience, and every tick of the clock.

We are always on.

Patient capital paired with urgent execution.

No culture-crushing, micromanaging BS.

High touch meets high tech.

Blending high touch with high tech: where real intelligence meets artificial.

Together, we pursue greatness through humility, focus, and innovation.

Together, we make a measurable impact —
for you, your employees, and your clients.

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RLH partners with technology-driven services firms to drive rapid organic growth.

Our Approach
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Material impact

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Founder success

  • RLH did a great job in helping us to step back and create a longer-term vision, rooted in culture, but also rooted in business success.
    Erik LinnCo-Founder & Managing Partner, CrossCountry
  • Srini SubramanianCo-Founder & CEO, Inspirage
  • Greg RichardsCEO & Co-Founder, Keystone
  • Ken GraboysCo-Founder & CEO, Chartis
*Founders were not compensated for their testimonials, nor are their statements indicative of RLH’s future performance.