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RLH Launches New Website and Branding

As a leading private equity firm specializing in technology-driven professional service enterprises, we are proud to announce the launch of our new website! The new site highlights our differentiation, proclaiming on its landing page, "RLH is not conventional private equity." The site uses a modern design aesthetic to display RLH’s unique juxtaposition of portfolio companies that use the latest technology together with management relationships built on timeless values. RLH’s new online home brings to life, through the words of RLH’s portfolio company leaders, long-held RLH values of respect for business culture, focus on organic growth, and supportive collaboration working side-by-side with management.

RLH Chief Executive Officer Rob Rodin commented, “RLH portfolio companies’ growth is driven by leading edge innovations while RLH’s collaborations with our entrepreneurial leadership teams are built on ideas that have been the foundation of our firm throughout our 40+ year history of success. This blending of the energy of high tech and the EQ of high touch is at the core of what motivates the RLH team in our daily investment endeavors.”

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