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Strategy, economics & technology consulting in the era of digital transformation

AI and Machine Learning are powerful trends creating an array of strategic opportunities and legal confrontations for companies of all sizes.  Keystone’s blend of specialization and premier talent helps clients challenge traditional norms and adopt next generation business models.

Keystone is a strategy, economics, and technology consulting firm helping solve problems at the intersection of business, technology, and law.  Leaders of global corporations, regulatory agencies, and law firms turn to Keystone’s 20 years of experience in technology markets to calibrate their perspectives today and help cohere to their vision for the future.

Keystone delivers strategic guidance and accelerates the adoption and delivery of technological and business innovation for pioneering clients that hold a digital first orientation. Keystone’s clients include household names such as Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and Johnson & Johnson, and the Company engages on topics such as network effects, platform competition, data platforms, privacy, IP, algorithmic bias, and AI/ML strategy.  

Keystone’s expertise and reputation is unparalleled, and we are just getting started.   

Together, Keystone and RLH are empowering growth by investing in new strategic capabilities and elevating the Keystone brand.

20% +

Revenue growth CAGR


Nearly 20 years of transformational thoughts & advisory leadership