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Bringing innovation to the utility sector via Oracle technology expertise

"Red Clay's dedicated service culture and unwavering commitment to our clients' success align perfectly with RLH's investment philosophy and, with RLH's support, we will accelerate innovation as the demand for Oracle's latest cloud technologies surges."

Paul Marnell, Red Clay Consulting Co-Founder and CEO

Red Clay is a technology consultancy that focuses exclusively on bringing Oracle solutions to customers in the utility sector. With customers and employees across four continents, Red Clay has established itself as a global leader and purveyor of highly specialized and sought-after expertise.

The Company excels in crafting and deploying comprehensive meter-to-cash and asset technology solutions, which not only enhance the utility consumer experience—from service initiation through to advanced smart metering, billing, payments, and customer support—but also field services, helping utilities maintain and protect the grid’s extensive and critical physical assets.

Faced with a business landscape that's rapidly changing due to technological advancements, regulatory pressures, demographic shifts, and evolving customer expectations, utilities companies find in Red Clay a dynamic, well-informed, and expert advisor capable of guiding them through these complexities. Red Clay's dedication to innovation and client success underscores its role as an indispensable partner in the utilities industry's journey towards digital transformation and operational excellence. Concurrently, Red Clay offers its employees a company culture that has earned multiple 'best places to work' awards and strong Glassdoor ratings.


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global implementer of C2M, Oracle's premier utilities-focused product suite


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