Amanda O’Brien

Los Angeles
Phone: 925.899.2006

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

Amanda is a tenured developer of investment opportunities in the technology and services arenas.  Her tireless efforts unite RLH’s interests with the founders of companies whose scale and service offering match our strategy.

To this effort Amanda brings the tenacity you’d expect from a 2x varsity sport athlete.    

Omne Trium Perfectum (“Every Set of Three is Complete”): 

Amanda is one of 3 siblings, speaks 3 languages fluently and is a citizen of 3 countries (U.S., Brazil and Switzerland).  Try and beat that!

Choosing Her Own Adventure:

Following her Dad’s advice to be proactive, Amanda has been known to create her own luck, like when she went door-to-door, resumes in hand, to local businesses as a teenager until she landed her first part-time job at a local ice cream shop.  Or, how about that time she created a website as a kid to review children’s movies after Hannah Montana The Movie earned an intolerable 43% on Rotten Tomatoes (www.amandasreviews.com1)?

Special Thanks to Mark Cuban:

It’s a fun fact that Amanda was first inspired to pursue a career in private equity as a result of watching Shark Tank. 

What Drew Her to RLH:

Amanda was drawn to RLH’s people-first approach to business and her observation that promoting a strong culture was paramount both within RLH and the companies in which the firm invests.

Favorite Books: 

A self-proclaimed “dystopiaphile”, Amanda’s game for any piece of Handmaid’s Tale-esque literature that presents a cautionary vision of a society characterized by post-apocalyptic desolation 🙂

Warriors Fan Before They Were Cool:

Sure, Steph Curry is legendary, but owning a Monta Ellis jersey proves you’re a die hard.

Preferred Business Metaphor:

Building a business is like running a marathon.  It’s about the long game, not quick victories.  Endurance, pacing, preparation and recovery are all key to success.

Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG):

Visit every country in the world!


1Amanda has no near-term plans to reactivate Amanda’s Reviews until such time that her personal tastes in cinema again contrast too strongly with the critic community