Chris Lewis

Los Angeles
Chairman, Co-Founder, and Managing Director
Phone: 310.405.7201

A great company is always led by great people.

Portfolio Involvement

35+ years in private equity, all at RLH

Metaphor for business success:

An upside down triangle with leadership at the bottom rather than at the top

Portfolio company engagement:

Dozens of Boards of successful growth companies over the decades.


We focus on building great market leading businesses first. When we succeed at that, our entrepreneur-partners reach both their business and financial objectives. We also believe organic growth is the best way to generate enterprise value because it is the most valuable type of growth and, importantly, it strengthens our economy and creates jobs.

Recent reading:

Biography of Thomas Jefferson

Undergrad and MBA at University of Southern California. Five years of business education, three All-American awards in Tennis, two NCAA Championship titles, and an NCAA post-graduate scholarship based on academic and athletic excellence.

On the weekends, most likely to be found playing beach volleyball, surfing, reading history, or growing purple cauliflower in urban Los Angeles.