Mark Gartner

Orange County
Managing Director
Phone: 949.428.2202

I pay less attention to what people say. I just watch what they do.

Portfolio Involvement

Joins RLH with well over a decade of private equity experience in multiple roles spanning deal sourcing and transaction execution.  Mark leads our outreach efforts to intermediary, independent sponsor, and executive audiences to identify promising investment opportunities.

Triumph of the Underdog: 

Mark was born about six weeks early and was not expected to make it through.  From that entrée into the world, he has embraced the tenacity of the underdog and repeatedly used perseverance to generate great outcomes.

Ideal Job:

Pursuing his passion – exploring the intersection of investing and human connection.  So, building relationships to source deals hits the bullseye.  (Historical note – original goal of professional baseball player no longer under consideration).

Nugget of Business Philosophy: 

Much like in our favorite stories, success in business requires boldly departing the comforts of the known world to face the trials of the unknown, both within yourself and externally.

Favorite Movies: 

Karate Kid (the original), Man on Wire (the true story of the man who walked an illegally-rigged wire between the World Trade Center’s twin towers in 1974).

On the Weekends: 

Chasing children (his own); hikes and 4-mile runs; trying to keep a sushi addiction under control; visiting wine-producing regions on the excuse of helping his wife pursue her Master of Wine credential.