“Great companies stay that way because they attract and retain great people.”

Michel Glouchevitch

Investment Professional Los Angeles



Over 30 years in private equity, almost 20 years at RLH

Favorite phrase: “the art of the possible”

Has worked with over ten RLH portfolio companies including Creative Circle, Bluewolf Group, and Biorasi.

Favorite Sports Analogy (one of many): Building a leading business in partnership with RLH is like a team of climbers joining forces to summit a mountain. Everyone on the team pulls their weight and together they analyze the challenges, make joint decisions regarding the risks and rewards, and share in the success.

Mr. Outdoors: Loves road biking, mountain-biking, downhill/cross country/backcountry skiing, tennis, hiking and even yes sometimes…golf.

Undergrad at Swarthmore, MBA from Hautes Etudes Commerciales in Paris

More: And you can check him out on LinkedIn here.