Murray Rudin

Orange County
Managing Director
Phone: 949.428.2201

Building a business is like running a marathon of hurdles, but as a team.

Portfolio Involvement

More than two decades in private equity, with at least 20 of those years (stopped counting) at RLH.

Portfolio companies: 

About a dozen, including Cymetrix, CyberCoders, Clarity Solution Group, and quite a few that do not begin with the letter “C”


Our portfolio companies are not just legal entities with taxpayer ID numbers – they are collections of hard-working individuals with families and goals. Remembering that gives our work purpose and makes us better partners. Our values are not only consistent with the strong returns we’ve achieved for our investors, they are a significant contributing factor to that success.


two unused degrees, a B.S. in electrical engineering from the University of Rochester and a J.D. from Harvard.

Out of the office:

Spending time with his wife, taking his daughter and son to junior tennis matches, and practicing his combinations at boxing class.