“Seek challenge or live in fear of it.”

Paul Fortin

Senior Associate

Los Angeles



Paul honed his transaction skills in previous investment banking and transaction advisory roles, working on numerous sell-side and buy-side advisory projects, performing extensive financial modeling and due diligence, creating marketing materials, and developing deal analytics.  But he yearned for the intellectual challenge of principal investing, so now he channels his energy into helping RLH assess, close, and build value in high-growth enterprises.  

Nugget of Philosophy:  Success in business and life follows passion, mission, and vision.

Family Outlier:  Broke the family tradition of careers in medicine by going into finance – Dad, both sisters and their husbands are all in clinical practice.  Instead, Paul is a ‘doctor of deals’.

Favorite Books: Welcome to the Monkey House (Kurt Vonnegut), Tipping Point (Malcolm Gladwell), and Sapiens (Yuval Harari) which also happens to be a fave of Ari Adler (maybe it’s an RLH hiring criterion?)

Renaissance Man:  Has traveled to 20+ countries on 4 continents, amateur triathlete (created his own courses to stay in condition during the pandemic) and tennis player, and indulges his creative side as a photographer.

More: And you can check him out on LinkedIn here