Robert Rodin

Los Angeles
CEO and Managing Director
Phone: 310.405.7211

Portfolio Involvement

Almost 15 years helping RLH and most of its portfolio companies

Some notable RLH portfolio company experiences:

Intri-Plex Technologies repositioning, ABBConcise preparing to become a $Billion market-leading entity, Cymetrix software strategy.  Current Board engagements include Utegration, Inspirage, Biorasi, Imre LLC, and Astound Commerce.

Favorite business challenges:

Competitive differentiation, marketing messages, process-based sales.


Over a decade ago, I reconnected with Chris Lewis after selling Marshall Industries, a NYSE company that I had led. Chris invited me to bring my 25 years of business experience, from go to market, operations and talent development, to RLH to help grow and scale its portfolio companies.


RLH’s approach to building businesses keeps me engaged. It’s a combination of values and value-add. They adhere to the principle, “Do what is right, not what is most popular.” And at the same time, they enable me to help successful businesses create new jobs and new opportunities for their teams.


Business is like chess, not checkers.

Out of the office:

Bringing his business background and leadership to non-profit organizations committed to helping patients with cancer and ALS; adventure travel including climbing Machu Picchu and tracking mountain gorillas in Uganda.

Author: Rob wrote “Free, Perfect and Now”, a book that chronicles the transformation that he led at Marshall Industries.

And back in the day, Rob was a karate kid, living in a dojo for three years, competing in tournaments all over the US, and winning the All New England Tournament.