Virginia McFerran

Los Angeles
Strategic Advisor

Success is never final, failure is never fatal. It’s courage that counts.

Portfolio Involvement

Virginia’s uniquely valuable perspective on business growth has been forged through the combination of her operating expertise and her passion for the power of data.

  • In each of her executive roles as Chief Information Officer for UCLA Health, for Weill Cornell Medical Center, and for the Salk Institute, she brought both skilled leadership and advanced software capabilities to enhance the capabilities of world-class healthcare organizations.

  • More recently, Virginia served as CEO and President of Optum Analytics (a part of United Health Group), where she led a large team that harnessed innovative data analytics capabilities to improve decision-making and visibility into the efficacy of health interventions, wellness programs, and operations of healthcare providers.

  • As a senior executive at Google Health, she helped structure pioneering collaborations across health care providers, data exchanges, and artificial intelligence software providers to improve healthcare delivery.

Virginia brings to RLH and our portfolio companies a deep understanding of the skill of leadership as well as the power of data science to spur innovation and superior solutions for clients.


“Vision without execution is hallucination” is a quote attributed to a variety of sources including Edison, Franklin and even Japanese proverbs, but the spirit of the phrase captures Virginia’s philosophy about business and life. Great leaders can clearly express why their company offering is important, they know how to evangelize, and they are not afraid to hire above their IQ and experience level. Vision coupled with brilliant execution signals engaged leadership, honest self-examination, and a culture of sustained learning.


Virginia’s diverse interests outside the office include serving as a volunteer docent at The Getty Museum, enjoying hikes with her husband and dog, and reading biographies (Hold Still-Sally Mann), business books (The Hard Thing About Hard Things-Ben Horowitz) and fiction (The Three-Body Problem – Cixin Liu).