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Helping clients maximize operational efficiency, financial health and employee satisfaction

Helping clients maximize operational efficiency, financial health, and employee satisfaction

Connors Group is a distinguished workforce and operational management consulting firm that provides a comprehensive range of management, productivity, technology implementation, and operational consulting services to the retail, supply chain, manufacturing, healthcare, and service industries.  Their proven track record of consistently generating a positive return on investment (ROI) has resulted in a loyal global client base, including prominent names such as BP, FedEx, lululemon, Walgreens, and Wegmans.

The company takes pride in fostering an exceptional corporate culture prioritizing high employee engagement and low turnover rates, and ensuring clients receive exceptional service and value.

In February 2023, Connors Group and RLH established a partnership to propel the business to new heights.  This investment will expand service offerings, develop new analytical and technological capabilities, and provide resources to enter new markets that are already expressing a solid demand for the company’s services.  Together, Connors Group and RLH are poised to unlock exciting opportunities and drive remarkable growth.


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